Bird of Prey, Santa Fe NM: 12.18.20

I live out in a fairly wild place. And look who showed up this morning as I was washing the dishes. Talk about “going from the ridiculous to the sublime”! I keep one of those super-zoom cameras parked by the window for just such occasions. You don’t get the absolute best images, but I’ve enjoyed the extreme “reach” of these cameras.

This is a BIG bird. You can’t tell from here. But when he parks himself at the top of the Junipers, he takes up some real estate! Maybe he’s just all puffed up because it’s really cold out. This is why I live out here. I never cease to be stunned and inspired by who or what shows up, unannounced! Then they’re off. Goodbye. Do come back soon I say to them.

Birds, Downtown Santa Fe, Big Orange Color! 11.29.20

I don’t normally post images this often, but I’m so excited about this aspect (color!) of my two websites, that I couldn’t stop myself. So here we go. Enjoy your visit. Be safe everyone and have a nice drink of color.

Being able to post images in color, or even just to be able to think about color, has really expanded my photographic adventures. Now, when I bring my images home to review them in PhotoShop, it’s double the fun and discovery. It just seems like in these somewhat dreary times, color really hits the spot!