Color-full photos Santa Fe NM: 3.17.21

The light is pretty spectacular around here. And by the way, that’s me in the yellow…all yellow I might add. Even the skis ended up being yellow and NO I really didn’t plan for this. I guess I just keep getting attracted to the same color.

And that’s my pooch “Flicka” up there. I got her at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter, almost two years ago. Wow, time flies. Mere words cannot describe how wonderful and bright and sweet she is. I tell everyone that she’s my eyes and ears. She hears the delivery guys just as they start to pull into the driveway, about 70 yards away.

Stay safe.

Birds, Downtown Santa Fe, Big Orange Color! 11.29.20

I don’t normally post images this often, but I’m so excited about this aspect (color!) of my two websites, that I couldn’t stop myself. So here we go. Enjoy your visit. Be safe everyone and have a nice drink of color.

Being able to post images in color, or even just to be able to think about color, has really expanded my photographic adventures. Now, when I bring my images home to review them in PhotoShop, it’s double the fun and discovery. It just seems like in these somewhat dreary times, color really hits the spot!