Evolution of a Gravatar

I thought it might be interesting to showcase some of the variations I explored for my current Gravatar. I did have to make design adjustments for the extreme reduction of a Gravatar. The process was more involved than what I can show here, but since this site is also partly about design; it seemed to me that there was enough conceptual overlap between photography and graphic design to show this.

What’s going on here? I’ll take a try at it. Of course I’m not really thinking this analytically as I’m designing, I am merely “intending” something. That’s probably the same process with my photos. It’s definitely a RIGHT brain/LEFT brain back-and-forth-thing going on at all times. There’s “Pisces” as a starting point. I also see something of Japanese-crest-design and I have NO idea where that comes from. Collective Unconscious?

There’s a hook which has clearly been snapped; what could that mean?

The line which was attached to the hook has also been broken and is drifting off.

The most obvious part, the fish, looks as though it’s still in an egg enclosure, pushing against it, ready to be born and very soon.

There is water flowing all around it, and the water is clearly in motion. Water brings oxygen to the this creature and nourishment.

Or is it the motion of the creature which is creating turbulence? Fish do struggle to break out of their egg sacks.

Then there is the “expression” on the face. Is it horror or confusion or relief… “Look what I just escaped”! Then there’s the tension between the open mouth and the broken hook which the animal is clearly focused upon.

And that’s as far as I can go with anything even resembling an “explanation” of this image.

Feel free to join in and tell me your reactions. Obviously, I enjoy all aspects of design.

2 thoughts on “Evolution of a Gravatar”

    1. Thanks. I hoped it would add some dimension to the site. We’re all “into” design, so there it is. I have a total ball designing stuff like this. I don’t know when to stop. / Merry Christmas. I miss not being able to walk Canyon Road this year, but may do it before New Year’s anyway.


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